Compare My Maritime and Licensing Experience

Doesn’t it make sense to ask for an instructor’s experience before deciding which U.S.C.G. approved licensing course you choose?


Roy Ringrose – School of Seamanship

  • 44 YEARS boating experience (from 17ft to 375ft)
  • 36 YEARS training boat operators
  • 21 YEARS directing training schools
  • Retired with 23 YEARS service in the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Retired from U.S. Coast Guard as Director of the Houston Licensing Office
  • Trained over 2000 LICENSED Captains
  • Trained over 4000 in Vessel Operations
  • Operated boats throughout Northwest Hemisphere: Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Great Lakes, Mississippi River, and Gulf of Mexico
  • Vietnam and Gulf War Veteran


Are you getting the most experienced trainer available locally? Other instructors out there just don’t measure up when it comes to real life applicable experience.

4 thoughts on “Compare My Maritime and Licensing Experience

  1. Oscar Montemayor Reply

    Good afternoon kind sir,
    I am a past student and graduate of yours, and the time has come for me to renew. I would like to get your expertise on the forms I need to fill out. I have printed them all out, but would like to proactively ensure they are completed correctly. Can you please assist me?

    • School of Seamanship Post authorReply


      I would be more than happy to assist you in going over the forms necessary for your renewal. Please either email or call the office number (it is on the homepage at the bottom), so we can discuss.

      Thank you.

      • Oscar Montemayor Reply

        Sure thing I think e-mail will work better. Do you have a direct e-mail address?

        • School of Seamanship Post authorReply


          Sorry for the long delay, but things have been very busy with the move to our new office space. You can email me directly at

          Thank you,
          School of Seamanship

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